Past Experience

  • Worked for Accenture, Cherokee Nations, and Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Provided Consulting for various agencies such as DoD, Military Health Services (MHS), Defense Health Agency (DHA), DoE, Department of Homeland Security (TSA, National Program Protection Directorate, Office of Emergency Communications, and Office of Health Affairs)
  • While at working as a PM, she successfully managed multiple contract portfolios that totaled over $50 million
  • Supported the Army SG, Navy SG, AF SG, Military Health Services, DHA, Under Secretaries on DHA policies and Congressional Tasking
    • Developed a team of contractors to develop strategies for the Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) for Military Health Service (MHS) Governance, Political Appointees, and the Surgeon Generals of the Navy, Army, and Air Force.

Current Experience

  • CEO of Griffin Consulting Partners LLC – minority women owned business
  • Consult and provide business development strategies for small businesses looking to transition into the federal
  • Also provide consulting to commercial companies (Ex. Patent Process, Manufacturing Process, Logistics, eCommerce, Lean Six Sigma Strategies,  & Infrastructure
  • Subcontracts in the following DHS, USDA, and DoD
    • Focus Areas- Training, IT, HR Operations/ HRIS, Logistics, Medical Professionals, Call Centers