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You Can Make It! Product Production Checklist


You Can Make It!

The checklist are high-level steps to the AVIDA Process Method. The AVIDA Process is a simple method that will take you from idea to market on with little to no money or in a lean way.


This checklist is a simple guide for anyone that wants to:

  • make fashion products like a clothing line for men and women – leggings, shirt, pants, jewelry, purses
  • make footwear like heels, sneakers, sandals, men’s shoes
  • DIY products like embroidery and t-shirt design
  • private label products and packaging
  • product inventions and product innovations


This is not ideal for someone that does not wish to scale and implement obtainable steps for your business.


If you’re looking to grow your product making business then these are perfect steps for you to add to your business!